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Our Journey On Ice

The story of our ice cream starts where most of our desserts start; around the kitchen table. We cook, churn, bake, and taste until the perfect blend of flavors and recipes are found. This tried and tested method continues to be our formula in creating the best desserts Jordan has to offer. After all, this is The Cakery formula.

Our 15 years of experience at The Cakery has honed our skills and enabled us to honestly know our customers.  Quality and taste remain our uncompromising drivers in delivering the best products possible. This experience and philosophy have led us to bring you On Ice; Jordan, and the Middle East's first premium craft ice cream brand.


The proof is in the pudding!

On Ice is no run-of-the-mill ice cream.  We know we are different because we strictly control our ingredients and their quality. After all, the best ice cream deserves the best, most natural, and freshest ingredients.  All our flavors are free from stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickening agents, and preservatives.  We never use artificial flavorings or coloring.  We use what is in season and what nature provides.  

You can find our ingredients for each ice cream once you click on the flavor you desire.  If you have any questions, give us a call – we are easy to find! 

Our Promise, Our Craft.

The flavors of On Ice ice cream do not come together by chance. They are measured and crafted by hand. They are cooked and churned to perfection so that every bite has the same consistency and taste promised by our craft. Along the way, we carry out strict quality and tasting measures to ensure we fulfill our promise; to provide the best and most natural premium ice cream the region offers.

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